Company and Mission

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well". (Virginia Woolf)

This quote is at the base of Fe.Mo Srl 's foundations.
Since 2010 this young, yet solid Italian company has just
one mission: to satisfy the needs of its customers through
a constant and careful search of innovative, natural
or just plain delicious products to import and distribute.

Based between Milan and Lake Como, in the heart
of Brianza, Fe.Mo Srl collaborates with a wealth of
experienced professionals to distribute its products locally
and more rencently in Europe too, supplying the Horeca,
Vending and GDO channels.

Nature and our passion

With a variety of made in Italy, international and diversified
products, the company shares a common passion for
new products, a curiosity for the innovative and the desire
to offer interesting, niche products, which are also
commercially strong.

Quality is paramount and Fe.Mo Srl offers, wherever
possible, organic, natural and Fairtrade products,
which promote a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.